12th Anniversary Trip (Prague)

Made a short 3D2N trip to Prague during our 12th anniversary holiday. It was a place I have always wanted to go.

Chinese spinach soup

Chinese spinach soup, which used to be just a simple homely dish, started to make its way into the hawker centres about 2 years ago. My mom often made this when I was small as it was easy to make – just garlic & ikan bilis (dried anchovies) for the soup base, then chinese spinach. Ours was the vegetarian version.

Unbelievably the stalls can survive by just selling spinach soup. Guess most of us are now into healthier meals and that contributes to its popularity. But they do have a fancier menu by letting diners customise their orders – different choices of staples (rice / noodle / bee hoon etc) and meat, with/without egg ……

So I did a similar one for our dinner tonight.

Where we stayed in Stockholm (Nov 2017)

Campfire Bar & Grill
at Downtown Camper by Scandic

Downtown Camper by Scandic

Downtown Camper by Scandic
Spacious Double Room