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  • Day 9, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    20th Oct 2020 by

    We’re literally greeted with this amazing view when we stepped out of our room for breakfast! What a very pleasant surprise! It must have snowed overnight…. After a super enjoyable breakfast, we went for a short walk just outside the hotel. Back at Quartier… We reached Munich past noon and after a quick stop back… Read more

  • Day 8, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    18th Oct 2020 by

    It’s another early morning, left hotel just before 7am to catch the 7.32am train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for a 2D1N stayover. So for that night, we double booked accommodation for ourselves – our room in Munich (so we didn’t need to pack/move our luggage) and a room in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Enjoying the marvellous scenery during the 1h20m… Read more

  • Day 7, Munich

    18th Oct 2020 by

    After clocking a 16-hour day trip the previous day, we just wanted to chillax. It helped that it was a Sunday, meaning I could not even shop as most retail outlets were not opened. Woke up late and had a leisurely breakfast. Headed out just before noon and had a slow walk to Marienplatz Mucki… Read more

  • Day 6, Hallstatt

    17th Aug 2020 by

    On the following day, we made a day trip to Hallstatt. Left the hotel just before 6am in order to catch the 6.23am train from Munich to Hallstatt. After 4h24min and 2 changes of train, we finally arrived. And we’ve taken the shortest train route (Munich / Salzburg / Attnang-Puchheim / Hallstatt). Upon reaching Hallstatt… Read more

  • Day 5, Munich

    6th Jul 2020 by

    After walking for more than 17km in Paris city on the last day in Paris, we returned to the hotel with utter contentment and exhaustion. Minutes before we reached hotel, we received an email from Air France informing that our Paris-Munich flight the next morning (10.25am) was cancelled. But they had scheduled another flight itinerary… Read more

  • CB Flowers

    5th Jul 2020 by

    Have always been into plants and flowers. Besides the regular visits to nursery for plants shopping, I would buy fresh cut flowers every other week as I like our home to be decorated with plants & flowers and filled with floral scents. So going through circuit breaker period would mean no flowers for at least… Read more

  • Café during CB

    5th Jul 2020 by

    So glad that we got a nice espresso machine last year. It made our stay-at-home days of 3 months a very nice one. While most people found it stifling, we enjoyed our home, especially with the continuous supply of coffee and food at our own cafe corner. I was too busy exploring recipes to feel… Read more

  • Sparkling Brunches

    5th Jul 2020 by

    Enjoying a long brunch on Saturday over some bubbly has become something we looked forward to after a week’s work at home.

  • Circuit Breaker SG

    5th Jul 2020 by

    I am finally back. Have been working from home for more than 3 months, even before the partial lockdown (we called it Circuit Breaker). Staying home 24 hours every day did not make me any freer. My enthusiasm in cooking went in full bloom.. not that I had a choice but I am definitely not… Read more

  • Day 4, Paris.

    2nd Feb 2020 by

    Craved for some hot soupy dinner after a day out in the wintry Paris streets.

  • Day 3, Rouen France.

    12th Jan 2020 by

    Used to make a couple of work trips to Le Havre many years ago and each trip was about 2 weeks. I visited Honfleur during one of the trips, about 17 years ago. Though it was a weekend day trip, it left a good impression of the Normandy region. So for this holiday, I decided… Read more

  • Day 2, Paris.

    6th Jan 2020 by

    It was a day full of sweets. Peonies Café et Fleurs Breakfast and coffee. Strolled around after breakfast. Matamata Coffee Early lunch at a local Anglo-inspired eatery – Frenchie To Go (FTG). Fou de Pâtisserie Boutique A pastry shop that houses many famous patissiers.Had our post lunch dessert. After the dessert break, had a good… Read more

  • Day 1, Paris. 2 Dec 2019.

    4th Jan 2020 by

    This time round, cheap airfare brought us to Munich. When we had decided in having Europe as our year end trip and started to look out for fare deals by Singapore Airlines, we found one to Munich. Mid November to December is usually the blackout period (school holiday and festive month) for any promotions, so… Read more

  • Thanks 2019!

    31st Dec 2019 by

    December has been a truly great month for us, with a super fabulous holiday for the first part and lots of family bonding for the second half. We were completely busy for the last 2 over weeks. Only started our yearly Christmas preparations when we returned, meaning we were only left with 10 days to… Read more

  • Boot Café, Paris

    11th Dec 2019 by

    Had a great holiday in Paris last week and the massive strike hit right in the middle of our 5-day stay. But everything went on well for us even though our original Paris-Munich flight on 6 Dec was cancelled. Alternative arrangement was made for us and we reached Munich as scheduled. Now we are on… Read more

  • Lunch Alone

    9th Nov 2019 by

    Hubz working today but I just feel like having a nice DIY lunch all by myself.

  • We Are 14!

    7th Nov 2019 by

    Celebrated our 14th anniversary last weekend. We would usually go for a holiday as a gift to ourselves. But due to his work schedule, our trip would be early December instead. So we had a comparatively much smaller celebration over the weekend. I am not complaining since it would mean we are having a winter… Read more

  • Our 5D4N Home in Perth

    2nd Nov 2019 by

    There was only the 4 of us but not that easy to find a suitable place to stay. – Sis does not want to share room with mom who snores.– I want a walk-in shower; I do not need a bathtub. It was due to a bad experience more than 15 years ago during one… Read more

  • Cafés in Perth

    31st Oct 2019 by

    Bar BotanikNorth Perth Zamia CafeKings Park One of our favourite cafés in Perth SayersLeederville Peninsula Tea GardensMaylands Till now this is still my favourite afternoon tea venue. Love the tranquility while enjoying those sweets, paired with the sparkling.This time round was much better than the last 2 visits as there were no crows trying to… Read more

  • Her 80th birthday present – II

    30th Oct 2019 by

    Day 3 Homestead Brewery Baudin’s Macadamia Had a therapeutic walk at the Swan River in Maylands before our afternoon tea. Day 4 After breakfast, we went for coffee and shopped for a couple of hours at Watertown Brand Outlet. Dinner was with Sis’ friends and their family. Day 5 We had to check out at… Read more

  • Her 80th birthday present – I

    28th Oct 2019 by

    Asked mom if she wanted a banquet for her 80th birthday or a family holiday, without any hesitation she chose the latter. For the both of us, we prefer to take red eye flights as we would have a full day upon arrival. But with an 80 year-old, we chose a morning flight and reached… Read more

  • Hotel Stay

    28th Oct 2019 by

    For the convenience, we booked a room at Pan Pacific on the wedding day of my SIL. A short but very comfortable stay – spacious room, including the bathroom, with everything we needed. Just a pity that we did not really have the chance to fully enjoy the room.

  • Wedding Bells

    28th Oct 2019 by

    It was the first in the family after almost 8 years. Last Friday, my sister-in-law (hubz’s 2nd older sis) got married. Doing dinner the Japanese way A few rounds of champagne before dinner An exquisite 8-course at a cosy 34-people wedding dinner Proceeded on to the hotel’s Atrium on Level 1 to continue the boozing.

  • 3D3N in Taipei – Cafés

    18th Oct 2019 by

    Our first stop upon arrival, a less than 10-minute walk from our hotel. Truffles Aroma Come Buy Tea, Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store Musikafee, Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store Sugar Pea CaféServes wholesome meals Very Good Café Awake til sleep Visited this interesting local café + bar on our last night which was 5 mins by foot… Read more

  • 3D3N in Taipei

    18th Oct 2019 by

    Our team trip to Taipei in April and this year, hubz joined me 😃 First night was dinner with the team. More than 250 of us had dinner at a local buffet restaurant – Hi-Lai Harbour Tianmu. This year’s was not that good as the time spent in travelling from hotel to the restaurant including… Read more

  • Year end Trip (2018) – HK hotel

    13th Oct 2019 by

    We stayed at Madera Hollywood in Central which is an all-suite hotel with only 38 units in total. Given its excellent location, this room size is actually a luxury. The only drawback would be the tiny hotel lobby, it is about two-third of our living room size. But the 4-day comfort & convenience we enjoyed… Read more

  • Year end (2018) Trip – HK

    13th Oct 2019 by

    This time round we stayed in Hong Kong Island (used to stay in Kowloon for all our past trips). We like the very centralised location and 3 of the cafes we went to were within walking distance. Visited our “friend” in Hong Kong. He and his family members are just so adorable! Our favourite place… Read more

  • Year end (2018) Trip – HK – cafés

    13th Oct 2019 by

    We were thinking of another short trip as my office would be closed for Christmas – New Year holidays. Wanted some cooler weather and not too far from us, it would have to be Hong Kong. Since our last visit was in March 2016, we did not mind going there again. As we had our… Read more

  • 1 BBQ & 6 Thai meals

    12th Oct 2019 by

    During our stay at the villa, we did not need to step out at all. All meals were prepared by our chef. Upon check-in, we provided a cash float to our villa manager to purchase all ingredients, based on what food we wanted to have. Food provision was charged at grocery costs (receipts presented) plus… Read more

  • Family Holiday!

    12th Oct 2019 by

    A short 3D2N family trip to Phuket. Checked into this awesome, 600 sqm. villa – Malaiwana Duplex. A total of 4 bedrooms – master suite 1 & 2, bedrooms 1 & 2. But there were only 6 of us (quoted and paid based on 6 occupants) yet they were being very nice to open up… Read more

  • Accommodation in Sydney

    12th Oct 2019 by

    Our 7D6N temporary home in Sydney. Frankly, it was kind of below our expectation. I say kind of because generally it was decent, well equipped and considerably centrally located. But the apartment was not very well maintained (some broken cabinet doors, a bit dusty in some areas, peeling outdoor countertop…). The garage was too small… Read more

  • Café hoppers

    12th Oct 2019 by

    The Grounds of Alexandria Vaucluse House Tearooms Afternoon tea at the historic Vaucluse House estate Establishment Garden Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café Celcius Coffee Co. Dunbar House Sunday afternoon tea Leura Gourmet Cafe & Deli Wisteria Place Leura Reuben Hills Café Henry Lee’s Redfern Coogee Pavilion Super love this awesome place Gertrude & Alice Bookstore and… Read more

  • Where the Opera House is

    8th Oct 2019 by

    This time round, cheap airfare brought us to Sydney Australia in Aug 2018.Visited many cafés and been to quite a number of city beaches.

  • A Lil BD Treat

    6th Oct 2019 by

    Walking to a nice sea front room Semi outdoor bathroom The experience was an extremely pleasant one. It was definitely pricier than other massages in Batam. But with the level of services provided, it was still much cheaper than those provided by Singapore’s 4 to 5 stars hotels. Montigo Spa, I will be back!

  • Getaway for 2018 Birthdays

    6th Oct 2019 by

    Both of us are March babies and we wanted to go for a getaway to celebrate our birthdays. We decided on Montigo and it would be our second visit. Enjoying the sun, pool & sea view We had a nice time walking around and exploring the resort. It was much developed compared to our first… Read more

  • Short stay in Prague (Nov 2017)

    5th Oct 2019 by

    Chose a centralised location so we could move (walk) around more easily. Built in 1920s, the building facade & its lobby did look very weathered and dim.But let us choose again, think we would still stick to this apartment due to its strategic location (in the middle of down town Prague & we walked to… Read more

  • Cafés in Prague (Nov 2017)

    30th Sep 2019 by

    Cathedral Café Lounge & RestaurantTo date, it ranks first in the list of cafés I visited & like Au Gourmand PrahaWould take a look at this pretty French patisserie every time we walked past it, en route to Charles Bridge.Finally on the last night, we went in lest we had any regrets. The Bake ShopBreakfast… Read more

  • Chinese spinach soup

    28th Sep 2019 by

    Chinese spinach soup, which used to be just a simple homely dish, started to make its way into the hawker centres about 2 years ago. My mom often made this when I was small as it was easy to make – just garlic & ikan bilis (dried anchovies) for the soup base, then chinese spinach.… Read more

  • Cafes in Stockholm (Nov 2017)

    26th Sep 2019 by

    Kaferang Gamla BrogatanThere are 2 Kaferang outlets in Stockholm and we visited both. Sally Voltaire & SystrarLocated in Åhléns City department store, this is a nice place to have a cuppa while checking out some interesting household items. Rosendals TrädgårdA very lovely garden café but it’s crowded. Kaferang Nytorget Gildas Rum Sodermalm Johan & Nyström… Read more

  • Stockholm Stockholm!

    23rd Sep 2019 by

    Stockholm (or Sweden) was never my top 10 places for holiday, in fact it did not cross our minds at all whenever we discussed about the next holiday destination. However, cheap airfare brought us there in end 2017 (S$820 by Singapore Airlines.. this should be the best deal that we could ever get in our… Read more

  • Sorbet!

    1st Sep 2019 by

    First attempt and am glad it’s a success. Hubz, who totally rejects raspberries & blueberries, loves it! Feel like I was preparing food for babies 🤭

  • A Continuation …

    31st Aug 2019 by

    Of my previous blog. That’s what I used to do. Guess I still prefer to pen down my thoughts, my life..

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