Year end (2018) Trip – HK

This time round we stayed in Hong Kong Island (used to stay in Kowloon for all our past trips). We like the very centralised location and 3 of the cafes we went to were within walking distance.

Visited our “friend” in Hong Kong. He and his family members are just so adorable!

Our favourite place for hotpot – Giant Seafood Hot Pot (Jordan).

Dim sum brunch at One Dim Sum. Queued for almost an hour but worth it. Cheap and yummy (total bill was only SGD26 including chinese tea).

12th Anniversary Trip (Prague)

Made a short 3D2N trip to Prague during our 12th anniversary holiday. It was a place I have always wanted to go.

Where we stayed in Stockholm (Nov 2017)

Campfire Bar & Grill
at Downtown Camper by Scandic

Downtown Camper by Scandic

Downtown Camper by Scandic
Spacious Double Room